Our focus: Mobile broadband, Internet and Network Operators.

TelecomTelecommunication, or Telecom, is the transmission of signals over long distances.  Our niche focus is mobile broadband which is wireless Internet access through a mobile device such as a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet.  Mobile broadband is the future of Africa and one of the key factors of its development.  Mobile broadband enables and powers all kinds of services from mobile money and mobile banking to entertainment and consumer-based application developpment.  Thus, it is the heart of technology in Africa and the door to an array of new technologies and services in the developping world.  Our operational and management teams have the experience and the skills needed to launch, manage and optimize Telecom ventures throughout Africa.

Currently, our upcoming mobile money venture is establishing partnerships with network operators and will be part of the deployment of a new mobile broadband operator in West Africa.  Royal Trading Alliance is open to working with financial institutions, private equity firms and sovereign states that want to leverage the Telecommunication opportunity in Africa.