We invest in the real estate industry in North America and in West Africa

commercial-real-estate-skylineRoyal Trading Alliance is active in the hospitality industry in Canada and is currently developping a real estate investment program in Africa and in the United States.  In Montreal, we are building an Airbnb venture that will operate on a full-time basis.  In Africa, we are crafting an innovative real estate investment program with RTA Group S.A., our West African arm, and MIT Ventures, our venture-building partner operating out of Las Vegas, Manhattan and San Francisco.  This property investment program will cater to communities that are based in West Africa, France and Dubai.

Our property investment program will launch in 2015 in partnership with several institutional partners that are based in Paris and in Dakar, Senegal.  As a global real estate investor, Royal Trading Alliance is also developping a theme-based amusement park concept and an international mall project for 2016.