Trade Finance

From corn and wheat to milk and rice, we provide access to all food products.

As its name indicates, Royal Trading Alliance is an alliance of several economic operators that have built an exclusive access to the world’s best commodities.

Rice FieldAlso known as AKAMA INC, RTA Morocco and RTA Group S.A., Royal Trading Alliance sources the most sought-after food products directly from farmers and food producers in Asia, India New-Zeland, Canada and Africa.  This direct connection and business relationship allow us to provide our clients with unmatched prices.

Our partners and trusted clients include wholesalers, food processing plants, large international restaurant chains, states and governments, NGO’s and global resellers.

Thanks to our integrated network, we handle all aspects of the trade finance industry, from collaborating with international banks to secure a Letter of Credit (LOC), to handling the global logistics of the trade operation.  Our clients rely on our expertise to ensure proper delivery of their containers.

Some of our past orders include a 40,000 ton shipment of palm oil to be delivered to West Africa, a 50,000 ton transaction of food additive in China and various trade operations for instant milk, Thailand rice and spices from Madagascar.