Our energy ventures focus on solar energy and plant construction.

Oil pumpEnergy: the source of life.  Royal Trading Alliance believes in harvesting the earth’s natural resources to enhance the lives of communities and to build a stronger economic environment for them.

From solar energy to oil raffineries and gold mining, we work with industrial companies that seek to partner with a global trade and investment operator.  Some of our ongoing projects involve the construction of a solar plant in Africa, a gold trade venture in Canada and a long-term partnership with an international mining operator.

One of the main challenges that prevails in the mining industry is access to professional and secure geo-location data to spot a strong concentration of mineral deposit (gold, diamond, or any other high value mineral).  Royal Trading Alliance has exclusive access to a proprietary Canadian knowledge extraction technology that finds the location of a mineral deposit.  Our computerized and GPS-based modeling system helps mineral exploration professionals identify areas with a high statistical probability, thus allowing them to save both money and time by limiting target areas for exploration.

Thanks to our expertise and exclusive access to proprietary technologies, we position ourselves as the preferred partner of international governments and industrial mining groups.