Questions Regarding our Agri-Business


What kind of food products do you sell?

We sell all products related to mass consumption: milk, rice, spices, palm oil, exotic juices, etc.  We also sell industrial products and food additives such as lysine and methionine.

How can I finance my trade operation with RTA?

Our in-house trade finance managers can handle the entire sales process on your behalf.  We will work with your bank to have a Letter Of Credit (LOC) emitted and approved.  If your sales order pipeline is consistent, Royal Trading Alliance can issue a line of credit for your needs.

Who are your clients?

Our clients include industrial companies, large wholesalers, sovereign states and Authorized Economic Operators. Past sales orders included shipments of multiple containers for such renowned companies as SIEGEM, SEDIMA, Sosa Grain, Golf Beach International Investment and Societe Dabakh Malik.

I own a supermarket, can I buy products from you?

Typically we sell to large wholesalers that buy multiple containers at once.  Our average sales order is around $100,000 and we also accept multi-million dollar orders.  If this sounds like you, we would be happy to hear from you.  If your sales volume is lower but still want to source your products from Royal Trading Alliance, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to discuss a potential sales agreement depending on your sales volume.

Where do you source your products?

We have representatives in every major trade country such as Brazil, Madagascar, Canada, China, Morocco and New Zelland.

Do you have offices in Africa?

Yes we do.  We have two full-time offices in Dakar, Senegal: one at the Place de l’Independance (downtown) and another one at Almadies.  We also have a full-time office in Morocco.

Do you sell other trade products besides food commodities?

Yes, we also sell other industrial products such as cement, construction material and minerals such as gold and diamond.

Which banks do you currently work with?

We work with Royal Bank of Canada in North America and Banque Regional des Marches (BRM) in Africa.  Additionally, our Managing Partners have existing relationships with Bank Of Africa (BOA), Banque Atlantique and BICIS.