Royal Trading Alliance is a Leading Global Operator

Royal Trading Alliance (RTA) is a Canadian trading and investment group that is active in key sectors such as agribusiness, wholesale import-export, engineering, mining, green energy and technology.

As an Authorized Economic Operator, RTA develops partnerships with governments, wholesalers, and various distribution networks and facilities to give to our customers access to quality food, mining, energy and trade products.

As a global Canadian corporation with representations in West Africa (Senegal), USA, South America (Brazil), Europe (France and Portugal) and North Africa (Morrocco), RTA can serve the needs of any customer, government or organization.  Clients include operators such as SIEGEM and SEDIMA.


Royal Trading Alliance is a global trading and investment corporation that aims to build the most innovative international trade and investment platform connecting Africa to the world.  Our goal is to boost Africa’s local economy and create 10,000 jobs by integrating solutions from diverse sectors such as energy, mining, agri-food, technology and global investments.  We view ourselves as partners of governments, trade corporations, wholesalers, technology providers, social organizations and financial institutions.

Royal Trading Alliance understands the globalization effect better than anyone else: with clients located in Asia, North America, Africa and South America, we have developped a wholistic approach to doing business.  Our main corporation is located in Canada; our technology and innovation partner is located in California’s Silicon Valley; our trade companies are based in Senegal and in Morocco; and we have representations in more than ten countries including Brazil, Guinea, Mali, France and Portugal.